10 Feminine Traits Men Find Terribly Attractive, According to Science

Science has an answer to everything, including the eternal question of what turns men on. Well, you might think it’s a matter of personal choice because we’re all different and we like different things, but science says that most men think the same way when it comes to women.

This might be surprising, right? Um… not really. We all know that most men think the same way when it comes to women, but there’s probably one thing you didn’t know. Science says that men look for potential females to make babies.

There are certain physical characteristics that, to men, scream, “I need some of that!” and in general, it is true.

Perhaps men are unaware of the fact that they are genetically predisposed to seek out women to whom they are subconsciously attracted solely for the purpose of procreation.

So, according to science, here are the traits that men find terribly attractive:

1. Hips

pretty slim smiling woman on the beach

Although a man might not think he chose a girl to take on a first date because of her genes and the need to procreate, science says otherwise. Scientists say men are attracted to women who have a low waist-to-hip ratio.

It is scientifically proven that these women are healthier and the low waist-hip ratio makes them look younger and more attractive. It’s as if they have a magnetic force that attracts men to them for some reason that no one can explain. It’s just a fact.

2. High Voice

For men, a high voice represents youth and a small, feminine body. This is why they are subconsciously drawn to it even though they may not even know it or notice it. Youth is usually associated with nature and the ability to give birth.

3. Long, Shiny Hair

woman combing her hair

Some features just scream femininity, and it always has been that way. But there’s nothing sexier than beautiful, long, shiny hair. Shiny, healthy hair shows that you take care of your body, and if you take care of your body, it means you are healthy. And that’s really what men find attractive without even knowing it. Additionally, good health involves fertility.

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4. Symmetry

Men are attracted to symmetry. According to science, when an object, face, or anything else they see is reflected on the other side, it will attract their attention.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be attracted to anything symmetrical, but when women are the subject of what they see, symmetry is of great importance. Science says that symmetry is easier to process visually, which is why it’s so attractive.

5. Less Makeup

Happy young woman sitting on sofa at home and looking at camera

Science says natural is best. And when you think about it, it makes sense. You are most beautiful as you were born. There’s a reason your hair is dark and not light, or your eyes are blue and not brown.

Men can see it. You don’t need contouring or fuller lips to look more beautiful. Men love the natural look, and you should stick to it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a little makeup, but try not to overdo it because no one likes the plastic look.

6. Big Breasts

Get ready, men love big breasts! Especially in combination with a thin waist. Research has been conducted where men were shown images of women and their eye movements were tracked.

It turns out that the first things most men see in a woman are their breasts and their waist. They look longer at the breasts, but if they are in combination with a thin waist, you have won.

7. Eye Color

Close-up portrait, woman with blue eyes

It is scientifically proven that dark colored eyes are not as desirable as blue eyes. Why is this so? Well, it’s quite simple, because the most common eye color is brown, while only 17% of the world’s population has blue eyes.

This is why blue eyes are more interesting and attractive. Just behind blue eyes come green eyes, then brown eyes.

8. Eyebrow Shape

The shape of your eyebrows can really change your entire face. A different pair of eyebrows can transform you into a different person. According to science, eyebrows are very important in expressing your feelings and emotions.

9. Teeth

woman smiling and looking away at park during sunset

Again, beautiful, white, and clean teeth are an indicator of good hygiene, and it’s one of the things that can make a man madly in love with you. Moreover, beautiful and white teeth go hand in hand with a beautiful smile, and no one can resist a beautiful smile.

So if you want men to look up to you, keep those teeth healthy and show off your smile, because you really have something to show off.

10. Kissable Lips

What are kissable lips, and does it mean the same thing to everyone? The general opinion is that full, red lips are the most desirable, but science has disproved this fact because research has shown that both men and women prefer medium-sized lips and find them the sexiest and most more kissable.

But of course, you can’t just take the lip factor into consideration. You also need to consider other facial and body features that complement the overall picture of beauty and what attracts a man in a woman.

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