A dog’s unbearable flatulence during a 13-hour flight earned them handsome compensation from the airline! : Current Woman Le MAG

Some plane trips are more pleasant than others. This trip with Singapore Airlines will not be part of of the best memories of this New Zealand couple. However, they had planned everything to make this 13-hour journey as pleasant as possible, by paying for premium tickets online. As they settle into their respective places, they discover that their neighbor has a dog at his feet. So far, nothing too serious or abnormal… That was without taking into account the dog’s behavior during the entire flight. Indeed, as reported by the media Insider Friday September 22, 2023, this dog, a bulldog serving as emotional support to his master, was very noisy because of snoring, but also very smelly because of… his farts! “I told my husband, ‘You need to fix this. We can’t have a dog sitting next to us for that long.'” the woman explained to Insider.

1,300 euros in compensation

Having first refused the economy category seats offered by the flight attendant, the couple finally reversed this decision when the dog started letting out farts apparently very smelly, making the flight unbearable. Once they arrived safely, the couple decided not to stop there! Although the company started by offering them vouchers for $73 each, the two passengers found this insufficient. The company then returned vouchers, this time for $118. Once again, the couple considers the amount insufficient given the trip they have experienced. Finally, the company ended up compensating them with an amount corresponding to around 1,300 euros. The couple decided to donate the money to the Blind Low Vision NZ association, which provides guide dogs to visually impaired people. In any case, you know what you have to do if your next flight neighbor has the same kind of four-legged companion…