Amandine Pellissard victim of discomfort: the mother had to undergo an emergency electrocardiogram: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Amandine Pellissard shares her entire life with her subscribers on social networks. Since appearing on the show Large families: life in XXLthe young mother and her companion Alexandre Pellissard share their days with more than 380,000 subscribers on the Instagram account of the reality TV candidate. Admirers of this big family are addicted to their daily life. Indeed, the family made up of nine children made an impression on viewers during their participation in the program broadcast on TF1. Friday September 22, 2023, a new episode shook up Amandine Pellissard’s weekend. The mother suffered from illness which required emergency medical intervention. In an ephemeral story, dated September 23, she published a message for her admirers. “Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence since yesterday and for the live that didn’t take place”, she first began to declare. The rest of his message was not reassuring: “I felt unwell at the end of the day and had to have a (electrocardiogram) in emergency with Samu”confided the 37-year-old woman.

A new difficulty comes to test the young mother

The former reality TV candidate still wanted to reassure her subscribers in the rest of her press release. “Today I’m feeling better but I need to rest. It was a pretty shit day!”, she concluded in her message. Amandine Pellissard has faced many twists and turns recently. Monday August 7, 2023, she announced on Instagram the birth of his youngest, Maéna. She was born prematurely. Expected for the month of November, it showed up on Tuesday August 6, three months earlier. “You come into the world at 26 weeks + 2 days. All my feelings are intertwined. (…) My daughter, here we are on a long journey, to fight the most beautiful battle, ‘your fight, our fight’. Here we are embarked on the ship of very prematurity, and I remain convinced, that through love and will, it will make us experience the most intense and beautiful of cruises, declared the young mother on social networks. Since the little girl was born at just six months pregnant, she was placed in an incubator. Today, Amandine Pellissard shares her daily life between her hospitalized daughter and her eight other children.

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