Audrey Fleurot rarely talks about her son and his method of education: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

On the occasion of the release of his mini-series entitled Infiltrated, Audrey Fleurot was received by Michel Drucker on his show Roll on Sunday, broadcast on France 3 on September 24, 2023. If she spoke about her role in this new series, the 45-year-old actress also spoke about confided a lot about her role as a motherand the way she educated her son Lou, born in 2015 from his relationship with director Djibril Glissant. “I try to be a mother who gives self-confidence, who empowers as much as possible because, failing to be there all the time, I’m trying to make my son all-terrain enough and I admit that it went rather well”, she explained. “And I am a mother who tries to compensate for the events against the everyday because there is not always a lot of everyday, but I am in any case naturally stronger for the events than for the everyday, so I think he’s not too bad at it.”

Audrey Fleurot was very supported by her parents

While Audrey Fleurot was talking about the character she played in this new series, Michel Drucker asked her about the relationship she has with her parents. “I was lucky to have parents who did not have the chance to do the job they would have liked to do, not having been supported by their respective parents, so if there was something that was important to them, was to let me do what I wanted to do.”, she explained. Support that allowed her to become who she is today professionally speaking: a recognized French actress. Besides, she was very touched by the invitation by Michel Drucker, and did not fail to point it out at the start of the show. “Michel, who is not starting out in television, gave me a quick call yesterday to tell me how much he liked the series. I think he should make calls to all the people “he invites the day before, and I think it’s very elegant, and it really touched me a lot.” It is therefore a Michel Drucker who could not be more elegant than we find for his return to the small screen.