Audrey Fleurot unrecognizable as a brunette: did she really dye her hair for the series “Infiltré(e)”? : Current Woman Le MAG

Have you watched the first two episodes of the new mini-series Infiltrated ? Broadcast Monday evening on France 2, since September 25, 2023, this was the big news not to be missed! Those who saw it certainly noticed the physical change of the queen of the French audiovisual landscape, Audrey Fleurot. Effectively, the flamboyant red that characterized the actress has given way to a fairly dark brown. She is absolutely unrecognizable! During a press conference for the presentation of the series, relayed by Tele-Leisure Monday September 25, the actress explained this new hair style. Change my hair color, I was happy to be offered itexplained the interpreter of Morgane Alvaro, the cleaning lady with high intellectual potential in her other successful series, HPI. “It’s a shield, a protection that my character makes for himself. She dyes her hair, needs to forget himself and create himself”, she continued. Audrey Fleurot seems to accept this hair change with great ease. The actress was perhaps already thinking about a change of look, so that viewers could discover new facets of her personality.

The actress enjoys “not recognizing herself”

“That’s what I do as an actress.”assured the forty-year-old. “It’s a metaphor for my work, something I like. I like not recognizing myself. The best thing is to change your hair color because you really change your head, she assured. The actress really needed a change to fully dive into her new role, that of Aurélie. “A woman who put herself on hold after a traumatic death”, said the actress. Indeed, a police chemist, Aurélie has been raising her son alone since the death of her partner. While the commissioner of her brigade investigates a new synthetic drug, the mother finds herself infiltrated at the heart of a network of young and formidable traffickers. In this dangerous quest, the mother played by Audrey Fleurot will do everything to protect her son. She has so much love for him that she doesn’t see that he’s bad. When he makes a very big mistake, she will help him and get into big trouble.”she summarized, taking great care to arouse the curiosity of viewers.