Be Bold Enough to Leave a Man Who Refuses to Commit

For a girl like you, who believes in true, fairytale love, the worst part of modern dating is that people have somehow normalized casual relationships.

It’s as if the word “commitment” has been deleted from the dictionary and having a healthy, serious relationship has become a jackpot instead of something normal and expected.

No, you are not someone who judges those who consensually engage in affairs. It’s one thing if neither party involved is interested in commitment and just wants to have fun.

However, it’s another thing when you find yourself in a situation where you crave real romance, while the other person doesn’t even think about things like loyalty and fidelity, and that’s exactly what is happening with you.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been surrounded by men who aren’t interested in long-term plans. Men who are perfectly content with temporary affairs and want nothing more.

Nevertheless, it’s a reminder to you not to settle for less than you desire and deserve. A reminder not to accept a relationship without labels in which you never know where you are.

Forget social norms. Forget the new normal and focus on what’s normal for you.

Young woman lying on sofa and thinking about something

No matter what anyone tells you, it’s not okay for a man to bait you into getting everything out of you, only to then tell you he’s emotionally unavailable as soon as things start to get a little serious.

It’s not okay to settle for casual dating if you want more. It’s not okay to accept crumbs of love and attention from someone if you know you deserve more.

Please don’t continue to do this to yourself. I ask you to remember your worth and be courageous enough to pursue what you desire.

Don’t be afraid that people will call you antique just because you demand a label. Don’t be afraid of being seen as possessive jealous just because you want exclusivity and loyalty.

Don’t be afraid of being seen as clingy just because you want someone’s uninterrupted attention. Don’t be afraid of being seen as a prude just because you refuse to give your body to someone who doesn’t want to attach your heart, mind, and soul to it.

Trust me on this one; you’re not crazy for wanting full commitment. You’re not too demanding because you want a man willing to put a little effort into your relationship.

Your standards aren’t incredibly high just because you expect basic things like love, respect, and recognition. You don’t ask for too much just because you want loyalty and unconditional love.

In reality, you’re just braver than the rest of the world, and I ask you to stay that way.

I’m here to beg you to leave whenever a man tells you he can’t give you what you want. As soon as he starts making excuses for his supposed emotional unavailability and as soon as you see that he can’t make up his mind about you.

sad woman sitting with man at distance

I ask you to stay away from any man who is not mature enough to dedicate himself to one relationship at a time. From a man who doesn’t have the decency to choose you or who doesn’t treat you as his first and only choice.

Be brave enough to face the truth and realize that this type of man will never change. Courageous enough to understand that you can’t save him and open his heart to love.

I ask you to be brave enough to always choose yourself over a half-committed love. To choose yourself over the possibility of a near-fulfillment relationship and the potential of someone else.

Be bold enough to break your own heart and walk away from someone you love deeply, just because you know they don’t deserve you. Bold enough to hurt you now rather than letting him continue to hurt you for months or even years.

Above all, be brave enough to stay single in this unforgiving world until the man who can offer you the commitment you are looking for appears in your life. Be patient enough to wait for him to arrive instead of wasting all your time with all these bad guys.

Be brave enough to never bow to the pressure of those who tell you that you are waiting for someone who will never come. Courageous enough to never lose faith in the existence of authentic men capable of devoting themselves to just one woman.

I implore you to be bold enough not to allow anyone to diminish your worth. Brave enough to always remember how precious you are and to never accept crumbs of someone’s almost real love and fake attention.