Being Loyal Means So Much More Than Just Staying Faithful

Loyalty should be one of the most basic expectations in a relationship.

It seems that for many, this is not the case.

The problem is that not everyone understands what loyalty is. The word has been trivialized to the point where it no longer has much meaning.

It’s not just sharing couple photos with deep captions or not seeing other people. In reality, it’s much more than staying away from others and not cheating.

Loyalty means standing your ground. Don’t let anyone or anything change what you believe. It’s about not letting other people’s perspectives interfere with your own.

It’s knowing what you believe in – the love you share with your partner.

It’s choosing your lover every day, over and over again.

All relationships become boring from time to time, but that’s no reason to look for a spark elsewhere.

couple holding hands and sitting on the sofa

Loyalty means that you are committed to building a life with your partner, through the good times and the bad, the fun times and the boring times.

Relationships are no joke. If you want to have a solid foundation for your life and well-being, you have to work for it.

This means that there will be days when your partner annoys you, when they hurt you, when you don’t understand them at all, and even when you wonder: is this really valid?

Everyone goes through these periods, but not enough people talk about them openly.

It’s okay to question ourselves from time to time, to give in and to let doubt and feelings overwhelm us. What’s not normal is always giving up when things don’t go as planned.

Loyalty is honesty, trust and commitment, in all situations, not just the good ones. When you really love someone, these things are easy.

Loyalty is letting your guard down when you feel defensive, being patient when you feel annoyed, always treating your partner with respect, and protecting them when they need protection.

Above all, it is seeing them as they really are at all times and accepting them completely. See beyond their temporary illusions or occasional emotional outbursts.

That’s what everyone deserves in their life, and that’s why you should never settle for less than that.

It is possible to feel that your partner is disloyal without them cheating or flirting with anyone else. It is possible to feel betrayed by someone’s decisions, actions and words.

If your partner’s behavior always leaves you feeling pressured or insecure, it’s possible that they don’t understand the value of loyalty or simply don’t care enough.

There is no point in building and planning a life with someone who is not ready to put as much effort as youbecause it will inevitably end or become toxic.

man kissing a woman on the forehead

True loyalty cannot be disrupted by sudden opportunity. If you are loyal, you will not let weakness control your life or the life of your loved one, and that is the most attractive thing about you.

Not having to worry about someone’s honesty is one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

Once you feel the peace that comes from complete trust, that’s when you know you’re with the right person.

You deserve committed, faithful, strong love. Don’t expect it from those who aren’t even ready to be completely honest with you. Don’t cling to people who constantly disappoint you or cross your boundaries. Don’t confuse the way someone acts when they need you with loyalty. As soon as they get what they want, they disappear.

Be aware of your value and what you bring to the relationship. Expect to receive what you give.

Compromise is what relationships are made of, but loyalty is a requirement.

This is how you know love is real.