Calogero single: who is Marie Bastide, his ex-partner? : Current Woman Le MAG

A love story that lasted more than ten years! In 2009, Calogero and Marie Bastide fell in love. After four years of love, the couple welcomed little Pio, born in 2013. And in 2016, little Rita came to complete their blended family, which also includes Nina and Romy, the two daughters born from the previous union of Calogero with Hortense d’Estève. But it seems that the singer is now single. Tuesday September 26, 2023, our colleagues from Paris Match went to his house. His four toddlers will remain far from the goal and the woman who shared his life has left, it is indicated. Philosophically, the interpreter of In front of the sea slipped as for him: “Love can last forever, like my parents, but it can last two years. One thing is certain about me: when I have loved once, I love for life.” Despite their separation, it seems that Calogero and Marie Bastide have remained on good terms. “There is real magic when we work together”he clarified during this interview.

Marie Bastide: “Calogero and I have undeniable chemistry”

At 44, Calogero’s ex-partner already has a successful career behind her as a singer, songwriter and songwriter. She has indeed written for many artists, such as Florent Pagny, Anggun, Céline Dion, but also Louane. Moreover, Marie Bastide wrote the lyricsOne day in the wrong place by Calogero, awarded at the Victoires de la Musique in 2015. Before devoting herself to singing, the young woman had played in the series Under the sunon TF1in 2007. Friday May 14, 2021, Marie Bastide gave an interview to Audience. “Calogero and I have undeniable chemistry, two children together and our souls speak to each other”, she assured. Asked about her meeting with the singer, she said: “I was single for almost eight years (…) One evening, I went to Le Baron, a nightclub near the Champs-Elysées and it was there that I met Calogero. We were similar, we complemented each other on certain things, and what we experienced artistically and also in private nourished our respective journeys. We grew and evolved together.”