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Regardless of its amount, a check can be cashed immediately after being issued. Typically, it is deposited into the bank within the week or month of issue. However, it may happen that it is forgotten or that the issuer requests cashing after several weeks or months. But if the check is deposited one year after the date of issue, two scenarios are possible.

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Cash a check older than a year up to one week after the “anniversary” date

In France, the validity period for a check is set at one year and eight days from the date indicated on the means of payment. In fact, even if a year has passed, the beneficiary still has one week to deposit the check in their bank. The collection conditions then remain identical to traditional collection. The only difference lies in the fact that the issuer sees the sum debited one year after issuance. It is then recommended to notify the issuer if it is an individual.

The time limit for cashing a check varies depending on its country of issue

After one year and eight days, the check is considered expired and uncashable if it comes from a French bank. However, the collection time may vary if it was issued outside France. Thus, the collection period isone year and one month for any check coming from the French Overseas Territories. If it was placed in a country of the European Union, the beneficiary has one year and 20 days to cash it. If the deadline is not met, it remains considered void. To receive the amount initially indicated, you must ask the issuer to write a new check and cash it on time.

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