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Love is in the meadow 2023: Christelle very angry with Jean-Paul (Spoiler): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

From speed dating, Jean-Paul had fallen for Christelle and Maria, and so it was without hesitation that he invited them to discover his daily life on the farm. If his heart was especially inclined towards Maria, it was ultimately with Christelle that he exchanged a first kiss. Behavior that even shocked viewers! One thing is […]

Sophie Tapie: why is the businessman’s daughter furious? : Current Woman Le MAG

Not everyone has the same sense of humor, and Sophie Tapie doesn’t seem to have that of Lisa Delmoitiez. Indeed, on the occasion of the new Netflix series, a biopic entitled Tapiethe comedian produced his column broadcast on France Inter on the subject, Friday September 12, 2023, starting as follows: “It’s crazy how criminals fascinate […]