Charlotte Gainsbourg: why she decided to open her father’s house to the public: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Since September 20, 2023, Serge Gainsbourg’s house has been open to the public. You still have to remember to book, because the visits are full until December 2023. It was his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, who decided to return this house which rocked his childhood accessible to the public. She explains why in the columns of Release on Monday September 18, 2023. A decision that was not easy to make, as she confides. “It’s very complicated for me. I’m very afraid of being disappropriated” she explained. “When I moved to New York after the death of my sister Kate, I thought, either I sell it, or I make a museum, or I show it by appointment, but I stop this mourning. Because it was a matter of mourning. An unfinished mourning.” She then decides to officially make the house accessible. A house into which people were already entering, without being invited.

“Loads of objects have disappeared”

It was necessary to act because in my absence, I was sent photos which prove that it was visited, that evenings were organized there without my knowledge. Lots of items have disappeared.” she told Release. “I opened the house in the hope of letting go. In fact, I’m not letting go, but I’m going along with the projects. And maybe now I’ll be able to truly be my father’s daughter” she explained. A house in which she had a lot of trouble opening the drawerssearch, immerse yourself in your childhood memories. “I was grateful, respectful, but so respectful that I didn’t dare to be too curious. I was a bit of an intruder, who didn’t allow myself to open anything, and especially not to search.” She finally got over this fear, and even found a certain object that terrified her when she was little! From now on, the step has been taken, and Serge Gainsbourg’s house is open to the public. If you want to visit it, a little patience and organization, because it has been taken by storm!