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The wedding dress is often a big expense in the “wedding” budget. On average, it costs 1000 euros for a wedding dress purchased in a specialized store (Pronuptia, Pronovias, Cymbeline…), and up to 8000 euros for a designer wedding dress (Delphine Manivet, Fabienne Alagama, Laure de Sagazan…). Not easy when you’re trying to have a wedding at a low price!

Fortunately, there are tips for paying less for your wedding dress. The first of these is of course to switch to less expensive brands. If we immediately think of fast fashion brands (like Asos, Zalando or Shein), there are better quality and more eco-responsible alternatives: for example, small French designers (Maison Lemoine and Maison Guillemette offer designer dresses). married for less than 500 euros) or internationally (on Etsy, tailors, amateurs and professionals alike, offer their creations at low prices).

Please note: because these are generally online purchases, we are not necessarily safe from a bad surprise… Furthermore, it is always a good idea to take a look at how customer service works , if needed.

Cheap wedding dresses: think about second-hand dresses… or even rental!

Second tip: buy a second-hand wedding dress. On resale platforms (such as MarketPlace, LeBonCoin or Vinted), it is easy to find wedding dresses at reduced prices: these have generally been worn only once, on the wedding day.

Here again, as it is an online purchase (and, moreover, from person to person), it is imperative to be vigilant to avoid scams. Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions before buying (what return policy? How long was the dress worn? What condition are the seams in?)… and ask for lots of photos from every angle.

Third tip: rent your wedding dress. It’s been a real trend for several years now: in many large cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg, etc.), boutiques offer to rent your wedding dress at a price that defies all competition.

Concretely, we go there, we try on several dresses and we “reserve” our favorite. You can therefore treat yourself to a designer wedding dress after trying it on in store (and sometimes even have it altered before the big day!) for less than 1000 euros. And we don’t have to make room in our closets after the wedding… A real good plan!

Bohemian, short, plus size, mermaid, princess… A cheaper wedding dress is possible

Last idea: opt for a white dress. Obviously, as soon as a dress is categorized as a “wedding dress”, its price explodes! But in clothing stores (for example: at Zara, at Sandro, at Galeries Lafayette…), you can easily find white dresses which are a perfect illusion.

There is something for everyone: long ones, short ones, dresses decorated with lace or tulle, satin dresses, crepe dresses… especially from the start of summer. A good compromise when you want an inexpensive but good quality “bridal style” dress – and above all, when you want to be able to try it on before buying.

Source : The smart marriage – Camille Anseaume, ed. Daily Malin.

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