Deceased loved one: how to request the closure of your social networks? : Current Woman Le MAG

Managing a deceased person’s social networks is a responsibility that can be added to organizing a funeral. In the majority of cases, loved ones find themselves having to manage the digital presence of the deceased without clear direction. In the absence of a universal method, some people prefer to leave pages as is, and others feel the need to delete them. In this specific case, the main online platforms provide the possibility of closing an account in the event of death.

How to close a Facebook account following a death?

Facebook is certainly the social network best prepared for this question. Relatives of a deceased person have two options. It is possible to ask Facebook to delete the account in question or to opt for a “commemoration account“. The personal page of the deceased person will then bear the words “in memory of“. Its contents can always be consulted. If necessary, only the “legatee” designated by the deceased with their death can manage a memorial account. Regardless, the first step is to contact Facebook via the dedicated formbefore sending an official document attesting to the death.

How to delete an Instagram account after a death?

Belonging to the Meta group like Facebook, Instagram displays a similar procedure. Relatives of a deceased person can request the deletion of their account, or its transformation into a commemoration page. Here again, you will need to provide proof of death. On the other hand, there is no “legatee” on Instagram. Thus, anyone belonging to the family of the deceased can contact Instagram via the dedicated form.

How to close the TikTok account of a deceased loved one?

This situation was also considered by the video platform TikTok. It is possible to request the deletion of an account by going directly to the help Center of the social network. To do this, simply enter the user’s personal information and provide a death certificate.

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