Disappearance of Lina, 15 years old: beatings, drones, dogs, what resources are available to investigators? : Current Woman Le MAG

Where did Lina go, this 15-year-old teenager who has been missing since Saturday September 23, 2023? The young girl vanished on the journey between her home, in Plaine, in Bas-Rhin, and the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station. A two-kilometer path during which she did not leave a trace. Since then, numerous searches have been carried out by residents of the town where the teenager lives, but also by the investigators in charge of the case. BFMTV explained on Tuesday September 26 that an important system had been put in place on the ground, but also remotely, to find the young woman. After a first citizen fight organized in Plaine Monday September 25, another began in the early morning Tuesday September 26. According to France Blue Alsace, nearly 400 people inspected the surroundings of the route which connects Lina’s home to the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station. Despite the help of a helicopter, drones and dog teams, the search was unsuccessful.

All possible and imaginable means

The gendarmes also participated in the searches, accompanied by a Saint-Hubert dog, an animal with very effective scent, even “three days later” the passage of an individual, explained the trainer and canine behaviorist, Stéphane Renaud, to our colleagues. “There, we are in a natural space. It’s rather favorable compared to if we were in the middle of the city (…), Saint-Hubert will come and provide additional answers, confirm or deny answers“, the trainer said. Investigators also have the possibility of retracing Lina’s journey using telephone data from her smartphone. Thus, they are able to know the last calls made or received by their phone. The police also requested access to his geolocation. THE bank card statements of the teenager are also combed through to find out whether or not purchases have been made since her disappearance, in order to redraw the thread of her movements. Until now, she remains untraceable. Lina has blonde, shoulder-length hair and is 1.60 m tall. On the day of her disappearance, she was wearing a gray dress, a white down jacket and white converse on her feet. Anyone able to provide information can contact the Schirmeck gendarmerie at