“Don’t forget the words”: this lovely surprise prepared by Karen Khochafian, the violinist of the program: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Regulars of the karaoke competition broadcast on France 2 will see the musical register of their favorite show evolve. Violinist for five years in the program, Do not forget the lyrics, played by Nagui, Karen Khochafian made some interesting revelations to our colleagues at Tele-LeisureSaturday September 23, 2023. With the desire to bring a little modernity and push its musical limits, the artist “works on an electric violin” For “play on much more” contemporary music. A superb idea which envisages the passage of songs by Maître Gims, Nekfeu, Aya Nakamura or even Orelsan. Karen Khochafian already wants to bring her new instrument back to the stage of Do not forget the lyricsin order to give new relief to the group’s performances. “I won’t hide from you that I’ve been at it for a few months and I can’t master the pedals at all, that’s what worries me”she explained to the magazine Télé-Loisirs. But the violinist is perseverant, she decides to continue until success: “I’m looking for help, I’m going to do some training. I have no desire to go without being sure that it’s very, very good: I’m going to wait until I’m up to speed”.

Karen Khochafian is a Swiss army knife

If the musician is stubborn, it’s because she is the type to listen to her desires. In addition to the electric violin, she would like “start a group to mix classical and variety”but also “do a little theater”. So, it is easy to understand that Karen Khochafian will not stop at failure, especially when it comes to the violin. If she tackles other disciplines, it is music that takes precedence, notably the idea of ​​having her own musical group: “I talked about it to those around me and there are perhaps projects in the works,” she explained to our colleagues. The team of Do not forget the lyrics can count on this great enthusiast to raise the musical level of the show. The trained violinist joined Nagui’s squad in 2018 and never left. And if we are to believe his words, the regulars of the program have their work cut out for them. They would do better to review the great classics of music, but above all to add titles to their list. The show’s musical repertoire looks more modern than ever. The opportunity, perhaps, to discover new artists.