“Don’t forget the words”: what is the job of Arsène, one of the great Maestros of the show? : Current Woman Le MAG

He is one of the greatest Maestros of the show Do not forget the lyrics on France 2. Arsène made his big return to the Nagui set on Wednesday September 20, 2023. Thus, viewers were able to find him for the fourth time during the Masters tournament. His first participation, Arsène, will remember it all his life. On April 10, 2020, after 16 victories and 212,000 euros in winnings, the man who was at the time the 8th best Maestro in the game was eliminated. The same year, he also participated in his very first Masters, which he won, pocketing 101,000 euros at the same time. We must add 21,000 euros in earnings in 2021. Just that! With 450,000 euros in his pocketthe young singer decided to put money asideas he told us on September 20, 2023.

Arsène (“Don’t forget the words”) has returned to his studies!

Reasonable, Arsène did not‘”excessive purchase”, he preferred to invest in real estate: “I own three properties, so I receive three rents”. But what does one of the show’s greatest Maestros actually do for a living? A history student, the Rouennais wanted interrupt your studies to take some time for yourself. “I was in a Master 2 in History research, and I was a bit in my bubble of fame and easy money, rhinestones and glitter… I was having trouble returning to normal life so I did the math, not so stupid, to devote myself solely to the show. I’m in political science now”, he told us in September 2023. And Arsène already has many projects in perspective. “I would like to work as an elected official: chief of staff, parliamentary assistant… I have always been passionate about politics, but I don’t see myself getting involved in elections for the moment.” For our colleagues from Paris Normandy, in an interview published in April 2023, Arsène spoke about this particular period during which he stopped his studies. “I’m finishing my second sabbatical where I’m just doing that. I rarely learn new songs. 95% of my time is spent reviewing the 1,630 songs I’ve learned since the beginning.” A champion at heart.