Fatigue, low morale: the right reflexes to adopt to stock up on energy: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

To regain your energy in the fall, it is essential to adopt a few simple but effective habits. You feel tired or less motivated, but with a few adjustments, you can boost your energy and take full advantage of this period.

I move my body

Putting the body in motion, and in particular its extremities and joints in the form of a “shake” of the hands and feet, restarts the circulation of internal energy and relieve tension“, indicates Carolina de la Cuesta, yoga teacher*. The idea, then, is to carry out tapping of strategic areas, such as on the face and collarbones. “Finish this moment for yourself by rubbing your hands, then pass them over the entire body, without forgetting to focus on the face, the lower back at the level of the kidneys, and finish with the feet, the arch of the foot.she advises.

*Founder of Happyculture.tv

I perform an abdominal pump

By mobilizing the abdominal area, we facilitate digestion, and we provide a boost to the body and mind. This exercise, suggested by Carolina de la Cuesta, is to be performed on an empty stomach, after drinking a glass of water at room temperature or lukewarm.

Exhale completely and, while holding empty lungs, draw in your stomach (suck it as much as possible towards your spine). Keep the perineum contracted (as if you were trying to hold yourself back from urinating). Stay in retention for a few seconds, observing what is happening in your body and possibly in your mind. Release, then do it again 2 or 3 times in a row.

I purify my nose and my tongue

Nose cleaning. This exercise called “Jala Neti“, consists of clean the nostrils with a sort of mini watering can (a netipot, found in organic stores). “Riding the ENT system of bacteria, dust, and other microparticles is a real plus for immunity and significantly improves breathing, essential for being in shape!”specifies the yoga teacher.

In the container, mix water and salt, lean your head over a sink, insert the nozzle of the netipot into the right nostril. Head forward, tilt it to the left, so that water can flow out of the left nostril. Breathing is done through the mouth. Pour half of the contents into the right nostril, then do the same on the other side.

Good to know : you can also clean with pipettes of physiological serum.

Tongue cleaning. Called “Jhiva Dhauti“, this yogic reflex consists of cleaning your tongue when you wake up, to remove toxins accumulated during the night. Yogis believe that this gesture improves digestive and respiratory health.

To do this, before drinking your coffee or tea (otherwise you will swallow the residue before removing it), stand in front of a mirror, stick out your tongue and gently remove the whitish deposits there.

Good to know : you can also do it using a small spoon.

I’m taking a royal jelly cure

Also called “hive gold”, royal jelly is full of many nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.), which makes it an excellent general tonic, as Sophie Pihan, naturopath**, reminds us. In case of mental and/or physical fatigue, it revitalizes and provides the energy necessary to recover. It will also act on the immune system and strengthen it when it is weakened. Ideal, therefore, for seasonal changes or periods of overwork.

Choose it wisely: opt for a quality product, that is to say the freshest form possible, freeze-dried or in ampoules.It is a rare substance and therefore expensive, if it is of good quality, a small quantity is enough! Avoid synthetic compositions…“, recommends the specialist.

The correct dosage: twice a year, for 21 days. Take in the morning on an empty stomach, and keep refrigerated once opened (royal jelly is fragile, sensitive to heat and oxidizes easily).


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