For their ceremony, these newlyweds treated themselves to a feast of McDonald’s burgers: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

If it is possible to celebrate your birthday at McDonald’s, the famous American brand has been offering, since July 2023, the preparation of hundreds of burgers for wedding meals. In a video published on Tik Tok Monday September 18, 2023, a newly married couple shared moments of the day they said to each other “Yes”. In the images, it is possible to see the new wife announcing to her guests at the end of a speech: “Thank you very much, and so I’ll let you discover tonight’s meal, the caterer”. In silence, a man brings several McDonald’s bags filled with burgers. The arrival of the waiter made the whole room burst into laughter. “I was sure of it !”we hear a guest say, at the same moment when the bride, full of irony, takes up the slogan of the American fast-food brand on the microphone: “Come as you Are !”. In five days, the video had more than five million views and nearly 60 thousand likes. “It was a pleasure to take part in this superb day”even commented on the fast food brand under the publication.

“They had a little trouble at the beginning”

The bride and groom are Thomas and Ophélie, aged 27 and 25. Asked by The Parisian Wednesday September 20, 2023, they explained that they had chosen this original meal “for the joke”. “Those around us know that we really like this kind of meal. And above all, we didn’t have a big budget”, told the newlywed to our colleagues. It was thanks to an acquaintance that they managed to find a reception room, which allowed them to save money. For the meal, the choice was more difficult. “We looked at the prices of certain caterers, but I am complicated when it comes to food. I was afraid of paying a lot for not liking it. So, even if it means paying, you might as well have fun”, explained the 25-year-old young woman. The couple went to meet the director of the McDonald’s in Beauvais-Tillé in March 2023 to find out if the project was possible. Seven months later, a guest arrived in the reception room with a total of more than 1,000 euros of sandwiches, burgers, wraps and nuggets. “This exceptional order led to special mobilization to ensure the production of more than 300 sandwiches in a very short time”, confirmed the restaurant concerned to our colleagues. The employees worked hard to produce almost all the burgers on the menu. “We were a little afraid of the reaction of some aunts and uncles. They had a little trouble at first, but everyone ate in the end.”confided the new bride.

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