Franck Dubosc: this famous actress whom he “galoched” during a drunken evening: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

An anecdote told with tenderness… Friday June 19, 2009, after three years of love, Franck Dubosc married his partner, Danièle. Parents of two children, Raphaël (born in 2010) and Milhan (born in 2012), the latter still seem in love. Before meeting the young woman of Lebanese origin, the 59-year-old actor, however, had a few flirtations, including one with a famous actress… Tuesday September 26, 2023, Thomas Isle reminded him in Culture Mediaon Europe 1, his flirtation with Valérie Lemercier when the two film stars were studying at the Rouen conservatory. “You met her when you were 17? And it seems that your legendary charm was at work then?”he asked. We had a date one night of drinking!said Franck Dubosc, laughing, before expanding by specifying: “I say it because one day, it’s funny, we did welcome aboard together and then we talked about it again. That we know each other, we know that… Then, at a given moment, we say to ourselves: ‘Should we talk about it or should we not talk about it?'”

Franck Dubosc: “We laughed about it together”

Amused, the star of the saga Camping added : “We hadn’t met much and we laughed about it together… I remember one evening we spent fooling around, but that’s it! It was a teenage thing. But I love Valérie Lemercier. Saturday November 6, 2021, 50′ insideon TF1the actress who holds three Césars had already mentioned this anecdote when she was questioned about Franck Dubosc. “He’s someone I adore. I’ll even tell you one thing, we had a little flirtation. A kiss, that’s all. It was during the end-of-class drink.”, she remembered. In full laughter, she added:I remember that his chest was very hairy, even though we weren’t body to body!Admiring the career of the man who made himself known on stage, Valérie Lemercier indicated: “At the time, he was a young lead. He started his career like that, and then he became funny. That’s what’s crazy, is that he changed register and he found his place.”