“Frankly, you’re drunk”: in “L’amour est dans le pré”, tensions increase between Julien’s suitors: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

During speed dating, Julien fell for Bastien and Thibault, two completely different profiles. Monday September 25, 2023, M6 broadcast a new episode of this season 18 of Love is in the meadow. Whether at Patrice, Jean-Paul, or Perrine, the suitors discover daily life on the farm, just like Julien’s. However, at the latter, the atmosphere is tense to say the least between his two suitors, from the first day. One thing is certain, Bastien and Thibault will never be friends, but we still have to that they can support each other a minimum during the stay on the farm. Seeing the atmosphere deteriorate, Julien decided to clear things up over dinner. A clarification which only worsened the relationship between her two suitors. “I see that the two of you are starting to throw little barbs at each other. I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable.” Julien then announces at dinner. “I think you’re the most uncomfortable, who can’t find your place with the other,” he said, addressing Bastien.

Don’t start thinking about me, we don’t know each other

“The situation has changed with Thibault since yesterday in relation to something you said. Last night, before going to bed, you said that you had a ‘letter crush’ on me. I find that violent for Thibault… This sentence accentuated the competition and I found Thibault much more distant with me today”, Bastien then explains. A vision of things which he seems to be the only one to have. “I really believed that there had been discomfort with what you had said and three-quarters of the time when I approached Thibault to come and talk to him, he always went to the other end of the room. piece”, he tried to justify. Thibault is visibly annoyed by Bastien’s commentsand takes advantage of Julien’s absence to clarify things. “If I had taken what he said the wrong way, you would have known. Don’t start thinking about me, we don’t know each other. I’m going to be 38, I’m tall, so frankly, you’re annoying. We’re not best friends, we’re completely different. The only thing we have in common is Julien. Basta”, he said sharply.What pisses me off, it’s because you’re pretending to be something that isn’t real. You ate yourself all day for nothing. Because frankly, I’m over cigars. You are the favorite mail because you wanted to write 9 pages but that’s your problem. You’ve made 9 pages, you’re here. I did 12 lines, I’m here.” Good understanding does not yet seem to be there…