Here’s Why Most Men Take 8 Weeks To Regret You After A Breakup

You had been happily living your single life for a while now, sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun on vacation. Your ex is far from your thoughts now because you think the relationship is over.

Suddenly, you receive an unexpected text from your ex. He says he misses you and wants to get back together. You ask yourself: Why does it take men 8 weeks to miss you?

You have gone through all the stages of grief after your breakup. You’ve cried and been depressed and bargained, and now here you are, happily forgetting all that.

It almost seems unfair that you forgot about him while he’s still stuck in the loop. In fact, he’s the one who misses you now, not the other way around. That’s why I’m here to help answer all your questions about the no contact rule.

I’ll tell you all the reasons behind the so-called 8-week rule that makes men regret it, as well as some questions you might have after reading this.

Why Does It Take Men 8 Weeks To Eegret You?

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Most relationship experts and forums generally say that it takes at least 8 weeks for men to start missing you after a breakup. This is true whether the man is the one who ended the relationship or the one who was left.

This is because men find it hard to miss you if they have less time to work through their grief.

In other words, they also go through a few stages after a breakup that need to be considered, including:

• THE FIRST WEEKS : A man’s mind values ​​his single life and his mental health after a relationship ends. This lasts for the first few weeks where they give their ex-girlfriend the silent treatment.

• THE PHASE OF MOOD Swings : The second phase they go through is no longer so positive, this is when a man goes through mood swings. He doesn’t know what to think of you.

• YOU’RE GONE : Around the 5th week after your breakup, he realizes he can’t just call you to hang out with you. It’s a heartbreaking moment for him.

• REGRETS PHASE : Shortly after, comes the phase where men miss their partners, often called the 8-week rule or the 60-day rule. Although there are exceptions to the rule, real situations show that men start to miss you after 8 weeks. Of course, every man is different.

After examining the basics of male psychologyit’s time to answer our question: Why does it take men 8 weeks to miss you?

The first and most common reason why it usually takes 8 weeks for most men to miss you could be that they are still going through other stages of grief after the relationship ends due to their own growth or other personal reasons.

After the 8 week period, the man should decide whether to come back to you and fall in love with you again, or whether to abandon you and look for a new relationship. We will now explain what some of the most common reasons are.

8 Explanations for the 8 Week Rule

Here are some reasons why your ex-boyfriend hasn’t contacted you and why you always wonder, “Why does it take men 8 weeks to miss you?”

1. Enjoy the single life

They are concerned about the relaxing period in their own lives after their breakup in the first place. Your ex wants to enjoy life and live the single style he enjoyed so much.

2. He doesn’t know what to say

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Your man misses you, but he is too shy to say it. The last time this happened was when he wanted to ask you out, but couldn’t muster up the courage to do so. He tried to contact a mutual friend to see how you were doing, but received no response.

3. Mood swings phase

Your guy misses you, but he doesn’t know how to feel about it, and he’s still not ready to contact you. Of course, once the barriers come down, he’ll probably seek out you for some tender loving care. It’s just a matter of time before he contacts you.

4. He realized he lost you

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It’s the end of your relationship with him, and it sure means he shouldn’t contact you anymore.

Now he spends all his time with his best friend and loved ones, looking for a way to reach you. This means that he is ready to tell you that he misses you.

5. He moved on

Let’s be honest. There is a good chance that your man doesn’t contact you at all. He might already be in a new relationship, taking selfies and doing all the little things that made him happy with you.

Of course, I don’t recommend rushing into a new relationship, but you need to accept the fact that your ex-boyfriend might have forgotten you.

6. He makes your face

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It’s possible that your ex-boyfriend is using the no contact rule on you or is being angry at you.

Will he come back? Most likely, especially if he’s waiting to see your next move. He just plays these games to get revenge.

7. Emotions

In reality, how quickly men miss you depends on the level of emotions they feel and their ability to express them. A more emotional man will definitely tend to miss you sooner than a less emotional man.

8. Still digesting

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If your breakup was chaotic, your ex might still be processing everything after 8 weeks. Therefore, the answer to the question “Why does it take men 8 weeks to miss you?” could be that they are taking their time to process the breakup.

When using the no contact rule, it takes most people 4 to 8 weeks to start missing their ex and wanting them back. You need to understand that the shorter time frame is the amount of time women need to start missing someone.

Men, in general, take 8 weeks to start missing their ex-girlfriend. Sometimes it can take up to 16 weeks for men to start missing you. Again, this all depends on the person.

I don’t need to remind you that the no contact rule is the best post-breakup advice. It prohibits any contact with your ex via text, social media, and other means of communication for 30 to 90 days. The goal of this rule is to get your ex back or forget about them completely.

I’ll conclude by saying that how long it takes for someone to miss you depends on their personality. Some people will miss you immediately, while others will take longer to do so.

If you suspect he doesn’t miss you, your ex-boyfriend might be so busy with work or other things that he hasn’t had time to think about you at all.

Will Men Ever Realize What They Have Lost?

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Yes, once a man sees that you have moved on with your life, he will probably realize what he lost. In fact, he’ll probably realize that you were someone he could have spent his life with. It’s too late now.

The guy can see your progress on social networks, hear it from mutual friends or see it himself. The main thing is that they see an adult who has evolved beyond them.

How long it takes for a man to realize what he has lost depends both on his mental and emotional maturity and on you. If you can’t stop appearing desperate while trying to get your ex back, the likelihood of him contacting you is minimal.

If you want to speed up this process, use the no contact rule. The goal is to get your ex back without appearing disinterested, while you are manipulating them by not taking the initiative to contact them.

Your ex will think you forgot about him and will reevaluate how he behaved during the relationship. He will probably realize that he mistreated you and finally realize what he lost.

In conclusion

After reading this article, we can conclude that men experience grief after the end of a relationship differently than women. In other words, women feel separation much earlier than men.

I hope my article helped you find the answer to the question: “Why does it take men 8 weeks to regret you?” I hope I have shed some light on the grieving process after a breakup and the logic behind the 8 week rule.
Now it’s up to you to decide if your man deserves a second chance or if you’re totally done with him. Remember that there is always a reason behind every breakup.