How to forget your lover? A coach’s technique!

How to forget your loverAn extramarital affair may not be easy to forget and if you are reading these lines this story is probably still lingering in your head. Whether the feelings are minimal or particularly powerful, you can always have your lover on your mind. It’s not easy to avoid thinking about him when you still feel something and you’re in love. However, we will have to find a solution to avoid letting this situation get worse and ensure that you are completely demobilized.

You have made the choice (or you are suffering from it) to no longer continue this secret relationship, what matters from now on is to do everything possible to no longer suffer from this separation whether or not you are the one who caused it. decided. It is obviously possible to no longer think about a man, but when you wonder how to forget your lover, you have to be able to make radical choices and take responsibility for yourself.

We can obviously move on to something else but for that we will have to use very specific and effective actions so that the duration of this reconstruction period is much shorter and that we manage to change things whatever it may be. for oneself or for one’s “other” couple. I am aware that many women find it difficult to say goodbye to this passionate affair which is so special and that is precisely why I help you achieve this thanks to some effective advice used with the women I support in coaching. .

Why end an extramarital relationship?

In the situation you are currently going through, you find it difficult to have motivation, determination, you are constantly wondering if you are making the right decision. You take one step forward and two steps back which obviously complicates things. It takes solid foundations and great strength of character to raising your head after a breakup even if the latter was not official.

To help you you need to remember why you want to forget him. There are logical reasons why you wanted to end this story rather than figure out how to get your lover back. Whether it is to save his relationship, protect his family or quite simply because he is the one who can no longer stand this situation, by relying on these elements we can much more easily maintain a course of action.

You need a source of motivation to persevere and not let yourself be guided by feelings or by the emotional dependence that can be felt even if you are in a relationship with another person. Thinking about what pushes you to distance yourself is an excellent thing and helps you avoid falling back into the most common mistakes.

It is by remembering why we are leaving him that we manage to forget someone you love. Obviously, at first you will have to force yourself but then it is entirely possible to move forward and no longer be a prisoner of this relationship which, even if it brought you happiness, could not continue in this way. manner. In the end, you protect yourself from future suffering.

3 steps to know how to forget your lover

The love or sex story that you experienced was certainly special because you are involved with another man, but the breakup and the way in which it must be fought will strongly resemble classic actions. You should therefore not ask yourself how to forget your lover but rather how to forget a man. The simple fact of no longer seeing him differently from others but of considering him as an ordinary man will help you put things into perspective.

We often tend to put him on a pedestal, considering him exceptional, whether in his attitude or in bed, and this prevents us from getting our heads above water simply because the regrets are too strong. Even if you are naturally nice and consider him the ideal manwe must find faults in it and insist on them.

But one of the main things to do when wondering how to forget someone whether it’s a lover or any other person, it’s important to keep your mind occupied and not to sit around doing nothing, especially when you’re experiencing small drops in morale. Staying on your couch watching TV, and therefore not doing anything for yourself, is the last thing you should do.

We don’t wait several weeks to fight heartbreak, we must take the bull by the horns immediately in order to have real long-term results and no longer be the one who suffers every day. This is why you must change your daily life, your loved ones whom you have undoubtedly neglected by juggling these two relationships are a lifeline and you must get closer to them.

We must not sit idle and wonder every day how to forget your lover but put all your strength into actions that can do you good, that can improve your daily life and that you lack to truly be happy without him.

To forget a man you have to focus on yourself!

Forgetting your lover means wanting to forget an intense story that gave you a lot of pleasure, despite the guilt and lies, spending time with him did you good. But the fact of having to go look somewhere else to find this happiness is a sign that something was wrong in your relationship with your husband and/or in your personal life.

A truly fulfilled and happy woman will not endanger your relationship for another man. I’m not talking about a simple sexual urge but a real story that wasn’t just limited to sex and it’s not normal that we have to look elsewhere for what we are. supposed to have at home every day.

Something was missing in your official relationship and this lack may still be present as you read this article. We will therefore have to think about the latter to provide solutions which will allow you on the one hand to have a better romance with your man but also to stop thinking about this lover which distresses you, which reminds you of your fault.

It’s not about pleasing your husband and completely neglecting yourself, but about feeling better about yourself, having better balance. It is you who is important right now, it is up to you to act to get it out of your head and it’s not impossible but you need something better to have and you can build it right now in order to get results as quickly as possible.

Forgetting your ex lover is not what you think!

When we wonder how to forget your lover we often think that this means never thinking about him again or pretending that he never existed when that is not the case at all. You have experienced an intense extramarital relationship and there is a good chance that consciously or unconsciously you think about him again. If you pass by a place that you frequented, if you hear a song that you discovered together your mind will make the connection.

The question is therefore not how to never think of him again but rather how to stop loving that man. You will have to move your feelings so as to no longer suffer and not have a lack and it is precisely by having a more stable, sincere relationship with your husband or partner that you will be able to put aside the different problems. and to relaunch his love life.

The coach to know how to forget your lover