“I have such a cool guy”: Louane speaks with emotion about her relationship with Florian Rossi: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Louane is in heaven. Interviewed by Bernard Montiel on RFM for the show 1 hour with… Saturday September 23, 2023, she made some confidences about the man who shares her life, Florian Rossi. “I feel good, I’m lucky”she said before declaring her love to her companion: “I have a really cool guy.”. She doesn’t think she says it that well: for her last album, she collaborated with her partner, who is also a singer. Between two questions during the interview, radio host Bernard Montiel clarified that the singer wrote or co-wrote the texts of her songs. Often, the themes of his texts are love or the relationship with the body. Would becoming a mother have changed Louane’s way of thinking? “I’m learning”she retorted when the host of RFM asked her if she had more confidence in herself. If it’s not “not every day easy” and that insurance “is won”, the singer decided to be fine. She wants to be a good example for her granddaughter Esmée, born in March 2020 from her union with Florian Rossi.

Louane is a very protective mother

As a recognized artist, Louane further confided to her interlocutor that becoming a mother had helped her feel better about herself. Indeed, since the birth of her daughter, she has made a radical decision, keeping young Esmée away from the media with the sole aim of protecting her from the disadvantages of her notoriety. “I’m much too protective for that. We saw a bit of her fingers, and I think that’s already good”she said, referring to a photograph posted on his Instagram account Saturday July 29, 2023. We see little Esmée, sitting, holding her mother’s hand, a packet of candy securely between her legs. The little girl made her first start at nursery school in September 2023. A very important step for Louane, who had a lot of difficulty letting her offspring take flight. She still revealed that she had not “almost didn’t cry” when the mother had to separate from her daughter on the first day of school.

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