“I regret”: Catherine Deneuve explains why she doesn’t like her stage name: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Catherine Deneuve has been touring television sets in recent days. The reason: the release of the film Bernadette to be found in cinemas from October 4, 2023, in which she plays the role of the former First Lady, Bernadette Chirac. Sunday September 24, 2023, she answered questions from Pierre Lescure in the show Nice gesturewhich will be broadcast in the second part of the evening on France 2. In an extract broadcast on social networks, the famous actress spoke about her choice to change her stage name facing his former companion. “Why was your name Catherine Deneuve?”asked Pierre Lescure, who shared Catherine Deneuve’s life from 1983 to 1991. As a reminder, the actress’s real name is Catherine Fabienne Dorléac. “But because of her! Because of my sister!”she initially exclaimed before giving some details. “It was my mother who said that. Because, for the film, The Young Ladies of Rochefortshe said : ‘we cannot say Dorléac and Dorléac’. But hey, it’s true that I took my mother’s maiden name, but I prefer my name Dorléac, oh yes, by a lot.”

Catherine Deneuve spoke of the tragic disappearance of her sister

She also took the opportunity to say that she doesn’t really like her stage name which allows her to be known worldwide today. Deneuve, I don’t really like it. No, it’s too many ‘E’s, it’s not round, it’s not… I don’t know. Maybe I regret not having taken it again anyway… Yes, yes, maybe”, she confided again. During the interview, the one who notably played in Beautiful day, Umbrellas of Cherbourg or even Les Prédateurs will also evoke the disappearance of his sister, the greatest tragedy of his life. Françoise Dorléac lost her life in a car accident at just 25 years old. Faced with Pierre Lescure, she imagined the career she would have had if her life had not been ruined. “I can be optimistic at times and say to myself: ‘But yes, we could perhaps have made films together much later, a film together…’ There you go, I love my sister”she declared, very moved.

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