“It is better that she stays at home taking care of her children”: new controversial outing from an RN deputy: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

In the hemicycle, the race for attention is in full swing this fall. And there was one that hit hard. Jocelyn Dessigny, RN deputy for the 5th constituency of Aisne, provoked a strong reaction from other parliamentarians after comments deemed sexist. It was during a debate in the National Assembly about the “full employment” law, supported by Olivier Dussopt, the current Minister of Labor, that the RN deputy stood out. According to him, the registration of RSA beneficiaries on the lists of job seekers, desired by the government, is not desirable. And his argument is something to talk about. “We start from the principle thata stay-at-home mothermaybe she’s better off at home taking care of her children.”, he assured, to the boos of the other deputies. A poor reception which did not prevent the parliamentarian from Aisne from continuing his momentum: “Well yes, but of course, no offense to my colleagues”he insisted. “If she wants to, it’s better for her to stay at home and take care of her children.” On his X account (ex-Twitter), he assured that his remarks are in favor of “freedom of choice”.

Jocelyn Designy is not his first attempt

Very quickly, many deputies Renaissance expressed their disapproval on the social network “Scandalous”she wrote. “Here is the phrase of the year National gathering with Jocelyn Designy. For the RN it is men at work and women at home. Archaic and retrograde vision of the world.” For its part, the association Democratic Women recalled on the social network that “we are the only ones to choose what our Existence should be”, accompanied by the hashtag #StopSexism. Actually Jocelyn Designy had already been sanctioned previously because of his comments in the hemicycle. Indeed, in June 2023, the RN deputy had treated the LFI deputy Mathilde Panot of “fishmonger”, an insult deemed sexist and classist by the latter. The presidency of the National Assembly then sanctioned him with a “call to order with entry in the minutes” as well as a “deprivation, for one month, of a quarter of (his) parliamentary allowance.”