“It’s very good like this”: Muriel Robin frank about this miscarriage she suffered at 19: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

On October 2, 2023, TF1 broadcasts the TV film Eyes wide closed dedicated to incest, with Muriel Robin among the main roles. A fiction in which the 68-year-old actress plays a grandmother faced with accusations against her son suspected of sexual touching of her little boy. A strong role that the theater actress, who never became a mother, discussed during an interview with Tele-LeisureMonday September 25, 2023. In particular, there was discussion of one’s own relationship to parenthood, children and “filial love”. “I had a miscarriage at the age of 19, and that’s fine, I was too young. Then I didn’t meet the right person. I put my love elsewhere, in my commitments in particular. With my wife (actress Anne Le Nen, whose life she has shared since 2006), we tried but it didn’t work. Is this a regret? No, you don’t have to have one.”she candidly confided to our colleagues.

Muriel Robin’s life would have been “different” with a child

Muriel Robin has already spoken about this miscarriage in the past. Famous for her comedic talent on stage, Pierre Palmade’s ex-great friend never hid her demons and her torments, her life marked by excess alcohol and depression. A skin-deep personality that she presents to her audience during candid interviews about her joys and sorrows. “When you don’t have children, it’s difficult to get up every morning just for yourself. I was pregnant once, I had a miscarriage. Today, I think about it often, inevitably. I would have had a big boy or a big girl, my life would have been completely different”, she replied during a meeting with readers of the ParisianJune 29, 2015. The actress, married to actress Anne Le Nen since 2021, has not had children, but finds comfort in her relationship with her wife. “It’s like that, it was written like that. This is the room it also leaves for loving others. Anne no longer has a family, she has me. She no longer has her brother, no longer her parents. I have two sisters, but they are far away and have children. It’s not bad that I can give everything to Anne, because life hasn’t been very kind to her.” she declared in the portrait of 50′ Inside on TF1, September 2, 2023.