Julie Hammett: who is Laurent Ruquier’s co-presenter on BFMTV? : Current Woman Le MAG

News that surprised more than one! Wednesday July 12, 2023, via InstagramLaurent Ruquier announced his departure from France 2 to join BFMTV. Three days later, in the columns of Parisianthe host indicated: “For me, it’s a big challenge, a real page that is turning. I forget my comedian hat. But I keep my outlook, my opinions, my sense of repartee. I want to bounce back and discuss current affairs.” To host the 8 p.m. slot, the star of Big heads is now accompanied by Julie Hammett. A graduate of the University of Kent, the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) of Lille and the Lille Higher School of Journalism, the young woman made her debut on RTL as a journalist reporter, before joining TF1. “I had a series of small contracts. I spent my life traveling to hotels to do replacements. It was exciting and educational, but it had too much of an impact on my personal life”she confided to Tele-LeisureMonday August 28, 2023.

Julie Hammett: “My dream was to host talk shows”

In 2016, the journalist took her first steps as a presenter on LCIwhere she worked for seven years, before joining BFMTV in August 2023. “My dream was to host talk shows about current affairs. I also have this chance to make it with a great professional whose shows I lovedshe clarified to Tele-Leisure. From their premiere, Laurent Ruquier and Julie Hammett had a huge laugh. Tuesday September 26, 2023, for Tele-LeisureHugo Manos’ companion agreed to come back to this one. He is a very friendly person who has an easy laugh.. We will have to be careful because there are subjects that will not lend themselves to it. There, it was when I was talking about the visit of the king and the pope, so no man died.”, he said. In addition to the 20H from Ruquierthe journalist occupies the documentary slot Red line Monday at 8:50 p.m. and The 90 Minutes Tuesday to Thursday from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.