Laurent Ruquier: “We have to give time to time”, his confidences on his return to BFMTV: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Admirers of Laurent Ruquier already know that they will find their favorite presenter on the evening of Monday September 25, from 8 p.m., on BFMTV. The new show from the host of Big heads is titled Ruquier’s 8 p.m. and will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday, for one hour. The journalist will be able to count on the presence of Julie Hammett to co-present the program. During an interview for Tele-Leisure published on newsstands Monday September 25, 2023, he spoke about the end of his collaboration with France Télévisions but also about the show What an era!, presented by his former colleague Léa Salamé. You should know that the presenter is not “not a ratings junkie.” He deplored that “journalists always judge shows too quickly”notably taking as an example the show Deal done, presented by Julia Vignali since the start of the school year. In 2017, at the start of the program, Deal done was not a big success on France 2 and we read worse than we could on the subject. I experienced exactly the same thing with We just want to laugh about it. To use a political expression, we must give time to time.”explained the monument of the French audiovisual landscape to our colleagues.

Laurent Ruquier: “Remove some everywhere to gain a little on our side”

One thing is certain: Laurent Ruquier is not the type to let himself be suffocated by audience statistics. Especially since returning home BFMTVa major opponent awaits him: Pascal Praud, who works on the chain CNewswhose show Time for the pros 2 falls at the same times as Ruquier’s 8 p.m.. But the former host ofWe are not in bed doesn’t seem to have any pressure. “There are no adversaries in these professions: one day you are on one channel, the next day you are on another. Between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., it is a crossroads where there are a lot of different programs”, he put it into perspective. Laurent Ruquier’s priority is not to put a spoke in Pascal Praud’s wheels. “There is a significant potential for viewers and everyone is trying to take advantage of it. Our objective is not specifically to take viewers away from Pascal Praud.”he first explained before confiding his strategy for reaching the public: “We will try to remove some everywhere to gain a little on our side. But no one is specifically targeted”.