Louane: she talks about her daughter’s very first return to school: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Back to school is an important stage in the life of any child… and especially for parents, especially for the very first time! This is what Louane was able to observe, who therefore took for the very first time her daughter Esmée at school. At the microphone of the show 1 hour withon RFM, on Saturday September 23, 2023, she told Bernard Montiel about this great day. “I almost didn’t cry” she confided, talking about her daughter’s return to kindergarten. If for the young mother, seeing her daughter enter kindergarten was not without emotion, Esmée seems to have enjoyed this first day of school. “She loved it” told the singer who explains that her daughter was “very sociable.” “She already went to daycare a little last year” she clarified, which could explain why Esmée dreaded this return to school like any other day.

“I want to set an example for him.”

Still speaking to Bernard Montiel, Louane confided that she was doing much better since the birth of her daughter. Indeed, Esmée allows him to be more emotionally serene. “Things are much better today. When I became a mother, I realized that I had to do well for my daughter. I want to set an example for her and not burden her with my neuroses” she explained. In this same show, Louane also explained how lucky she was to have a companion like Florian Rossi, on whom she could rely enormously. “I have a really cool guy.” she told Bernard Montiel. She told the host that she “learned” every day to gain confidence in herself, for her daughter, even if it wasn’t “Not every day is easy.” “I feel good, I’m lucky” she announced on the microphone of RFM. In any case, if her daughter is currently learning her very first lessons at school, will she end up in the world of music like her parents? “Yes, yes! Not to say that that’s what she will do, but she has a musical fiber” explained Louane on the set of Telematin Friday September 22, 2023. “That is to say, at home, between his father and me, it’s a little complicated to escape it” she clarified. “She likes it, but we let her do what she wants, because it’s easy to be disgusted by music.” Answer in the next few years then…

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