“Love is in the meadow”: the behavior of an “incendiary” suitor leaves Karine Le Marchand speechless: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

For almost all farmers in the new season Love is in the meadow, farm stays give rise to favorites or disappointments. Only, for Stéphanein the episode broadcast Monday September 25, 2023, it was only time speed dating. A particularly stressful moment that the farmer seemed to dread. But he was able to count on the support of Karine Le Marchand to give him the strength and courage to seduce the women who came to meet him. The first to go and meet Stéphane was Mathilde, an illustrator for young people from Brittany. And suffice to say that his passage is unlikely to be forgotten. The contender was determined to seduce the farmer and brought out the heavy artillery to make his heart capsize. A method that caused reactions on social networks but also Karine Le Marchand. She also presented it as being a pretender “incendiary”. As soon as she arrived, with her Italian accent, Mathilde did not leave Stéphane indifferent.

Karine Le Marchand annoyed by Mathilde’s mouth noises

“Grazie hmmmm calisson d’Aixxxx…”she declared with a very sensual voice upon discovering the present offered by the farmer. “I came across your presentation by chance, and I am convinced that chance does not exist”, she then declared, making a pout that was suggestive to say the least. Immediately, the presenter of the program assured thatshe spoke like Monica Bellucci and hastened to imitate him. “She is very seductive”, she added. After a few minutes of listening to the exchange between Mathilde and Stéphane, Karine Le Marchand did not seem charmed by the contender. She appeared annoyed by all the mouth noises she could make. Same observation on social networks. Internet users were critical of the candidate’s lack of naturalness. “Mathilde thought she was on 3615 ULLA code?”, “Mathilde was the voice of the pink telephone”, “Mathilde the Monica Bellucci of Brittany”, “It looks like a sketch with José Garcia”we could read on Xformerly Twitter.