Michel Sardou, “left to his own devices”: the singer confides in the absence of his parents: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Michel Sardou no longer needs to be introduced. Saturday September 23, 2023 on C8 In the documentary Michel Sardou, his life, his work, viewers were able to discover the influences of the icon of French song and the workings of his uninhibited personality. Character traits inherited from Fernand and Jackie Sardou, his parents, who were involved in the world of entertainment. They ran the cabaret At Fernand’s in Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Their influence is felt in the writing of certain songs by the singer. Specialists and those close to the stage beast provided anecdotes about his childhood, which they described as a joyful period. But Michel Sardou confides having been “left to his own devices”, due to his parents’ professional commitments. Indeed, having many artistic responsibilities, Fernand and Jackie Sardou sent their son to the Moncel boarding school, in Yvelines, in Île-de-France, known for its authority.

Parents “always absent”

Bertrand Penisson, author of Sardou: the musical encyclopedia, published by Editions Ramsay, returned to this period in the documentary broadcast on C8 Saturday September 23. “They wanted him to succeed in life (…)that he pursues the most brilliant studies possible”, declared the fan of Michel Sardou who wrote an encyclopedia in his honor. Singer and actor at the same time, Fernand Sardou was described in the film as a“excellent actor”. Jackie Sardou as a very funny woman and “great”. The French singer’s mother was also a headliner. But in another field of art: successful comedies. Michel Sardou spoke in the creative work to evoke the lifestyle of his parents, who “were still absent” according to him. “They had the job they had”we hear him say, with memories of the cabaret in mind At Fernand’s to Montmartre, which took them a lot of time. But his parents’ dedication inspired some of the singer’s songs, like I come from the southin homage to his father from Toulon, A girl with light eyes also refers to his mother.