“My love. For life. And well beyond”: this beautiful declaration from Muriel Robin to his wife Anne Le Nen for her 52nd birthday: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

“Today is your birthday my Anne. You are my black diamond. My love. For life. And beyond…” These are the words of love addressed Muriel Robin to his wife Anne Le Nen on the occasion of his 52nd birthday, Monday September 25, 2023. In the comments of the photo of the couple, soaked and smiling under the summer sun, Internet users had a field day, emphasizing how “so much love (was) moving” and wishing this famous couple much happiness. Anne Le Nen herself commented “My love”with many hearts. And if no one has noticed the symbolism of the black diamond, it was not chosen by chance. According to traditions, black diamonds often have deep spiritual meaning and can serve as protection against bad vibes. And this is not the first time that Muriel Robin describes her partner as a lucky charm. In 2018, she confided in the columns of Paris Match about it : “I who was surrounded by destruction, worldly alcoholism, bad food, she turned my habits upside down. She is perhaps the only person capable of having influence over me, one of the few I listen to. Because I love him”.

Muriel Robin and Anne Le Nen: a love that has lasted for 17 years

It was during an evening with mutual friends in 2006 that the two women met. In an interview given to Gala in February 2014, Anne Le Nen looked back on their meeting.I immediately felt Muriel like a member of my family. Something strong bonded us instantly. However, at that time, I wanted to live and build with a man. I was not inclined towards a relationship with a woman. Nor does Muriel, for that matter.” What changed her mind, she said, was the obvious. And for 17 years, the two women have not left each other. In a civil partnership in 2017, they then celebrated their marriage in February 2021. And if the former model turned actress helped her sweetheart get out of her alcoholism, she returns it well. After the tragedy of the brutal death of her big brother, Anne Le Nen had a hard time grieving and lost confidence in herself. “Without knowing it, Muriel helped me spread my wings, she took over from my brother, because her gaze gave me back confidence in myself”she says in Gala. What is certain is that this couple, as famous as they are touching, still have many days ahead of them…

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