Nagui “unemployed” when he met his wife: Mélanie Page’s confidences on the beginnings of their relationship: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Mélanie Page was Isabelle Morizet’s guest in the podcast There is not only one life in life, broadcast on Europe 1 on Saturday September 23, 2023. She returned to her beautiful love story with Nagui, and especially on their meeting. It was Isabelle Morizet who introduced her to the subject. “When Nagui was 23, he was not the absolute audiovisual star that he is today. (…) At the time of your meeting, Nagui had the feeling of experiencing a sort of disgrace”, she then said to Mélanie Page. “He had just been fired. He was unemployed, I met an unemployed person,” the actress then explained. The latter has always supported her husband, even in the most difficult times. “He had experienced success before, he was in a low period, he had just been fired from Canal. I would say that it lasted at least three years where it was difficult. He had his production company, Air Productions, but there were days when he thought about closing the door.” she then said.

“It made me love him more”, the tender confidences of Mélanie Page about her relationship with Nagui

Despite this difficult period, the couple remained united and united. Over the years, Mélanie Page was able to discover the host’s determination, a trait that she greatly appreciated. “There were difficult times and the door was slammed in his face. But, being the man he is, he never gives up and I must admit that having seen that for months and years, It made me love him more”, she confided to the microphone ofEurope 1. If Mélanie Page supported her companion a lot during these difficult times, he returns the favor by being his biggest fan. Indeed, Nagui does not fail to return several times to see the plays in which his lover plays. On August 10, 2023, she posted on her account Instagram several photos where we see her with Nagui and Didier Deschamps, during a performance of the play Sentimental Brexit. She noted in the caption: “The photos are by Nagui. Thanks to him for being my most loyal spectator (fourth time for this piece!)”

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