Noise-reducing curtain: how to choose the right one? : Current Woman Le MAG

Noise-blocking curtains are made from thick, dense materials, such as velvet, heavy cotton, or polyester, which absorb and block sound waves. They act as a sound barrier between the interior and exterior, thus reducing unwanted noise (traffic, neighbors, etc.). Before choosing soundproof curtains, assess your sound insulation needs. You will need to identify the intensity of external noise to which you are exposed to choose a suitable noise-reducing curtain.

Choose noise-reducing curtains based on their level of sound insulation

Manufacturers of soundproofing curtains usually state the level of sound insulation their products can provide. Look for curtains with a high soundproofing rating, measured in decibels. The choice of fabric is crucial for the effectiveness of the noise-reducing curtain. So opt for fabrics such as velvet or heavy-weight cotton. Also make sure that the curtain is lined for better sound insulation which will create a peaceful and comfortable space.

Choose noise-reducing curtains according to your decoration and your existing equipment

In addition to the functional aspect, a noise-reducing curtain can also be aesthetic and integrate harmoniously into your interior decoration. You are free to choose the color and pattern of your new noise-reducing curtains so that they match perfectly with your decoration style and your desires. Ideally, check that the curtains are easy to install and fit into your existing rod or track system. A well-chosen noise-reducing curtain will provide you with a calming atmosphere and significantly improve your quality of life while protecting you from unwanted outside noise.

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