Ségolène Royal celebrates her 70th birthday: discover the physical evolution of the former minister

A rare longevity in politics. In 40 years of career in the corridors of power, Ségolène Royal has been in turn a member of the Socialist Party (PS), deputy, minister, regional president and first woman finalist in the presidential election in 2007. The one who celebrated her 70th birthday this Friday, September 22, 2023, has occupied since the start of the 2023-2024 school year a position as columnist on set once a week in Do not touch My TV on C8. Having studied at Sciences Po Paris and the National School of Administration (ENA), the former pole ambassador born in Dakar (Senegal) comes from a large family of eight children. Ségolène Royal, never married, is herself the mother of four children born from her past union with former president François Hollande: Thomas (1984), Élise Clémence (1986), Julien (1987) and Flora (1992). For the record, the eldest son of the former couple managed the communication of his two socialist parents in their respective races for the Élysée, in 2007 then in 2012.

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These sexist criticisms that Ségolène Royal suffered

During her political career, Ségolène Royal suffered criticism and misogynistic remarks. Sexism that this military daughter recounted in her personal work What I can finally tell you (ed. Fayard), in 2018. “One of the first times I went up to the podium of the National Assembly to speak, I actually heard, like all the deputies present, one of them shouting ‘Naked!’ Then the snickers of those around him, all this in the total absence of reactions from the President of the Assembly and the other deputies. could we read in the work, full of anecdotes, extracts of which were published by France Inter on November 5, 2023. The opportunity to return to this completely unwelcome dig from former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius – who however denied having made such a comment. “Who will look after the children?” he would have said, according to Ségolène Royal, during the socialist primary of 2007 with a view to the presidential election. “It’s anti-woman violence because there is always doubt about your competence when I had as many diplomas as the men who attacked me, and often more experience than them”, she said at the microphone of the podcast Parents First of Tele-LeisureDecember 23, 2020.