“There was a big problem”: Franck Dubosc reveals what he didn’t like at all about his statue at the Grévin Museum: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

He is everywhere ! Franck Dubosc makes a series of films on the big screen. Five months after the film’s release 10 days without mom in which he plays an HR director of a large DIY brand, the actor is once again on screen in cinemas. He plays Alain, a father, whose wife is played by his friend Karin Viard in the comedy New start. The release date being Wednesday September 27, 2023, the actor is in full promotion. Guest in the studios of RTL for the show We’re doing TV again Saturday September 23, Franck Dubosc recreated the portrait of his wax statue from the Grévin Museum, between two filming anecdotes. While he mentioned his little personal ritual for writing his texts, he revealed on the air that he hated a particular element of his reproduction. “There’s a big problem with the hair on my statue. I’ve called three or four times already, and each time I have to (…) say it’s not okay”, he admitted to Jade and Éric Dussart. The actor inaugurated his statue in the early 2010s alongside his wife Danièle, with whom he had his two boys: Raphaël and Milhan. Director Fabien Onteniente and comedian Stéphane Rousseau were also present.

A matter of hair

Franck Dubosc also spoke at the microphone of RTL that a wax statue of him was in Canada. She wouldn’t look like him either. In the end, the actor does not appreciate any of the reproductions of his image that are exhibited. But particularly that of the Grévin Museum. “Every time I see photos of the statue with people, I say to myself: ‘That’s not possible, what are they doing with my hair?’“, he lamented to the presenters ofWe’re doing TV again. But he wanted to qualify his remarks by admitting that hair is “what is the hardest thing to do for a statue”. The father of the family is not the only French personality to shun his personal wax statue. Alexandra Lamy inaugurated hers in March 2018. On the Web, many Internet users found that the reproduction was wrong, particularly on the forehead and nose. Nagui had frankly admitted on the set of Do not forget the lyrics that his had been removed from public display. The presenter remembered the first time he saw her, ironically having “cried when I saw her.” The reproduction must have been really bad…