“We cannot accommodate all the misery in the world”: new controversial release from Emmanuel Macron: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It is a busy week for Emmanuel Macron ! After having received King Charles III, then having spoken with Pope Francis, with whom he was able to discuss the migration crisis, the President of the Republic was questioned by journalists from the JT de TF1 And France 2 on Sunday September 24, 2023. Questioned on numerous subjects, the head of state was controversial with his comments made on immigration. Questioned by Laurent Delahousse and Anne-Claire Coudray, Emmanuel Macron returned to the declarations of Pope Francis, then visiting Marseille. He called for a “start against indifference”. “28,000 deaths in ten years”, journalist Anne Claire Coudray then pointed out to Brigitte Macron’s husband. “Is Europe doing enough?” she asked. “Europe is the continent that does the most. We French, we do our part”replied the President.

A sentence that already provokes a reaction

“We must be human but we must be rigorous and we cannot accommodate all the misery in the world,” continued Emmanuel Macron. A sentence that immediately made Laurent Delahousse reactwho asked him how the situation concerning migrants from Lampedusa, this small Italian island at the heart of a migration crisis, would be managed. “We cannot leave the Italians alone. We must have a coherent approach with the countries of origin. Europe must play as a group”, reacted the President, announcing France’s support for Italy. “Most of the migrants came from sub-Saharan Africa, where countries have development aid. We have to say ‘we help you, but you have to help us dismantle the networks'”, he then explained, taking stock of the situation. Concerning the question of regularizations, Emmanuel Macron kicked in, considering that it is the job of Parliament. “I am not going to do the work of the government and Parliament here.” He then preferred to discuss another subject dear to the hearts of the French: inflation, and the purchasing power of citizens, confirming that the price of raw materials had indeed increased. He therefore announced a “agreement on margin moderation”.