Weather: what will the weather be like this week? : Current Woman Le MAG

To start the week of September 25, 2023 off right, Meteo France forecasts very mild weather, despite a “small cloudy degradation arrived during the night via Brittany” and which will circulate “on the North-West up to Hauts-de-France during the day”. Everywhere else, the sun will be king. “The wind is weakening compared to the day before and is weak everywhere,” details the bulletin. While the weekend was marked by cool mornings and a nice drop in temperaturesthe latter are on the rise again for the coming week, even if you will have to cover up well in the morning. “Morning temperatures are quite cool inland, between 3 and 8 degrees while it is 13 to 15 degrees in Brittany, the Channel coast and the Atlantic coast. Maximum temperatures are still rising everywhere, with 20 to 24 degrees in the northern third of France and Franche-Comté. In the rest of the country it is 24 to 28 degrees, locally up to 29 to 30 degrees in the south of Toulouse. can we still read on the website of Meteo France.

A return of summer?

Throughout the week, temperatures will continue to stabilize around 25°C, even rising to 29°C in Perpignan. The sun will be present over a good part of the country until Wednesday before giving way to some disruptions from Thursday. Indeed, in the afternoon of that day, there will be risk of scattered rain throughout the northern part of France. Disruptions which will continue over time since at the end of the week, the sun will not really be there, except in the far south of France, where the inhabitants of Marseille, Nice, or even Perpignan will be able to continue to put their summer outfits, while the inhabitants of Cherbourg, Lille, and even Caen, will instead have to take out K-ways and umbrellas, despite temperatures above seasonal norms. Be careful, however, of a possible gale between Wednesday and Thursday in the Channel. However, with this weather sounding more summer than autumn, it’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching the month of October!