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A baby can have hair from birth. But this is not an obligation: if some children are born with very hair, others will see their hair develop later – this is particularly the case for babies with blond or frizzy hair, due to a question of the shape of the follicles. .

Babies’ hair changes a lot during the first months of life: between 8 and 12 weeks, we can sometimes observe a loss of the child’s hair. Don’t panic, it’s not serious: it simply means that Baby’s body is mobilizing its energy elsewhere, for the development of other functions. Moreover, hair generally grows back between the ages of 3 and 7 months; Baby’s permanent hair can generally be observed from the age of 2.

Additionally, because a child’s hair is fine and fragile, it may be normal to experience hair loss on one side of the head – most often, the part of the head in contact with the bed. This phenomenon, linked to friction on the mattress, is not worrying.

Can you cut baby’s hair yourself?

Baby starting to have hair in front of his eyes? Is her hair starting to go in all directions? Does he have long, messy hair? It’s probably a good time to give him his first hair appointment, or his first haircut. First question: can you cut your child’s hair yourself? “Yes, we can, if we have 10 fingers or if it’s just to cut a strand of hair that falls in front of our eyes” answers Fred, expert hairdresser and founder of the Cut by Fred brand.

Is this a good idea though? Not necessarily, according to the specialist. “Let’s be honest: we all have trauma from our parents who turn into hairdressers at some point, and we carry this anxiety to the hairdresser (or to a therapist!) up to 20 years later. There are expert hair salons for children, go for them!

From what age can you take a child to the hairdresser?

Specialist’s response: “you can take a baby to the hairdresser from the age of 1 to 1 and a half years. But of course, it depends on each child’s hair: around 1 year old, some little ones will not need scissors at all, while others will really need a haircut worthy of the name.

Please note: before making an appointment with the hairdresser for your child, check with the hairdressing salon that it is able to accommodate a toddler… especially if the toddler in question is the restless type! Possible alternative: a hairdresser or hairdresser at home.

Shampoo, hairstyle, styling products… How to take care of baby’s hair?

How often to wash baby’s hair and with what shampoo?

From birth (if the child has hair of course) it is recommended to wash Baby’s hair every day with a mild shampoo purchased in pharmacies or drugstores. The objective: to avoid the formation of scabs because the child’s scalp is sometimes oily. Warning: shampoo must be done very gently – do not rub!

From the age of 3-4 months, Baby’s hair will need to be washed every 3 or 4 days, no more. Here again, a special “baby” shampoo (which does not sting the eyes) is essential, and it is diluted in a little water before applying it to the child’s head.

Bun, braid, pigtails… Can you do hairstyles for your child?

If it’s occasional (for an outing or for a ceremony, for example) yes, why notreplies the expert hairdresser. But if it becomes a daily occurrence, it can cause breakage on fragile hair, and that’s a shame.

Generally speaking, for the specialist, it is better “leave alone“children’s hair:” letting children’s hair live seems to me a good concept in itself“. We simply brush or comb each day to avoid the formation of knots, which are unfortunately favored by the fineness of Baby’s hair.

Aloe vera, argan oil, coconut oil… What products should I use on children’s hair?

Here again, the best strategy is probably not to put anything on Baby’s hair. However, if you really want to, the expert hair stylist has a recommendation: “if you can eat the product, it is not harmful to the child“.

We therefore say “yes” to aloe vera, argan oil or even coconut oil – provided you do not overdo it and that it remains occasional, that is to say not for daily use. On the other hand, for hairsprays, gels, styling mousses… it’s a big “no”. And if in doubt, it is of course better to abstain!

Thanks to Fred, expert hair stylist and founder of the brand Cut by Fred.

Source : I raise my child – Laurence Pernoud, ed. Horay.

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