Which watch to choose and give to a man? 2 experts guide you!

men's watchWhether it’s for Christmas, for a birthday, for Valentine’s Day or even without a special occasion, there is a gift that always pleases and that really touches a man. For you ladies, a piece of jewelry will always do the trick, but men are not always crazy about rings or bracelets. On the other hand, there is an object that will allow them to be touched and that they will be proud to wear by putting it on their wrist… Watches have become essential accessories that allow them to add an extra touch of class to their clothing look. But you still need to make no mistake when making your choice. So which watch to choose and give to a man?

There are so many models that a dumpling quickly arrived. To prevent you from making a mistake at the time of your purchase or, even worse, from making a mistake in taste, a look expert and an image consultant guide you in this article so that your gift fills your darling with happiness.

Why is it important to choose the watch you give to your loved one?

There are two reasons why it is essential to choose the watch you are going to give to your partner.

Which watch to choose and give to a man

First of all because it is the image of your love that you will send back to your man. This gift represents the love you have for him and your way of making him happy. You will thus prove to him that you have a heart and that you know how to give very nice gifts. A man always appreciates signs of attention.

The other reason is that by giving him a beautiful watch you will show him that you know how to choose your gifts and that by your side he will not be disappointed! If you also make the right choice, you will be considered the perfect woman.

The 3 criteria to remember when choosing a men’s watch

There are three criteria to remember when wondering which watch to choose and give to a man.

First of all the brand. This is a very suggestive criterion but each brand has its own history and men who wear a watch on their wrist are very sensitive to this aspect. It would take too long for me to go over the representation of each watch brand with you and to find out more about aspect, I direct you to This site which presents some major brands with text presenting the past of each.

Then, the second criterion to take into consideration is the bracelet. Either steel or leather. You should not make a mistake at this level because some men are allergic to one or the other. For a long time the leather strap was ousted, but it’s back in fashion and looks very classy when worn with a suit. For the color the must is a dark brown!

Finally, the third criterion to take into account is the dial, and more particularly the size of the latter. When doinggift for her boyfriend your choice, try to visualize your other half’s wrist so as not to choose a watch that is too big which will be unpleasant to wear or too small which will not be sufficiently highlighted.

Which watch to choose and give to a man?!

Are you still unsure about the model? You don’t know which model or style to choose? So the best advice we can give you is to choose the watch you are going to give to your man by thinking about his character! Don’t also neglect your personal feelings… Never buy a watch that you haven’t fallen in love with because, just like a nice shirt, it dresses your man.

A watch means a lot to a man because it is a sign of prestige and power, as a former President of the Republic clumsily pointed out. But beyond that, it’s also the image he will project, so if your man takes care of his appearance, don’t neglect the brand you choose.

If, on the contrary, he prefers to be comfortable and doesn’t care about bling, choose a sports watch that will be more versatile.

Finally, last little tip, find out about the lifespan of the battery, or even better take a model without a battery !

Kind regards

Your Coach Vladimir and Coach and image advisor Archie