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You get out of the shower (singing is always better), you coat your body and face with cream of all kinds then spray a little deodorant under the armpits. Without further ado (because the clock is ticking), you put on your beautiful black shirt or your favorite t-shirt and there’s drama! From the armpits to the sleeves to the seams of the garment, you have white marks everywhere. Rather than changing your outfit or getting it wet to make the stains disappear, know that there is a simple technique to do to get rid of them in a few seconds.

Traces of deodorant speak to everyone! All you have to do is be a bit pressed for time, spray the product a little too closely or not have a suitable deodorant and hello stains! But as always on TikTok, every problem has its solution. A true Ali Baba’s cave, this social network guides us every day towards new techniques and gestures to make our lives easier in terms of both fashion and beauty. We recently discovered how to wear a belt that is too big, how to clean our shoes using an Action product for less than a euro or even how to whiten white shoelaces. Our latest discovery: the ultimate tip for getting rid of white deodorant marks on clothes. An Internet user seems to have found THE solution.

How to remove a white deodorant stain under the armpits from black clothing quickly?

To resolve the issue, user @www.badgirlcece, who introduces herself as “your virtual girlfriend” and who delivers her fashion and beauty tips and tricks to her some 25,000 subscribers, seems to have found the solution. “I have to leave in five minutes but I stained myself with my deodorant. I learned a trick a few years ago that I’m going to teach you.”, she explains in her video posted on TikTok. To do this, simply take a pair of jeans and rub them on your t-shirt until the stain disappears. One thing is certain, the before/after speaks for itself: no more white marks are visible on the Internet user’s clothing. “May this tip save your outfit of the day”, she wrote in the caption. Simple as pie, right? You still need to know! Just like @www.badgirlcece, many other Internet users share the same tip, which seems to work miracles.


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How to avoid white deodorant marks on clothes?

But to get rid of these white marks, it is better to cut the problem at the root. On his website, the Dove brand reveals its tips for avoiding staining when applying deodorant. The most basic advice? Wait to dry before getting dressed. “If you can, apply your deodorant first and get dressed at the last possible minute to reduce the risk of white marks to a minimum.”, advises the brand. According to the latter, it is better to turn to an anti-mark deodorant without aluminum salts, this ingredient used in antiperspirants leaves chalky traces. We also and above all avoid spraying tons of it. “A few sprays of deodorant spray, or a thin layer of deodorant roll-on or stick, are more than enough to be effective for hours”explains Mennen on his website. Up to you !

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